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Lopez Island is full of many adventures and places waiting to be visited. With some of the best camping grounds in the San Juans and many beaches with their own natural mystique, Lopez Island is the place for an exciting and peaceful visit.

Shark Reef, a beach with a beautiful lookout, is an unforgettable stop. Just located on the south end of Shark Reef Rd, Shark Reef is a place that won't let you down. When you arrive, there will be a car parking area. To get to the actual viewing lookout area, you will have to take about a 7 minute walk through a very forested area. The trail is very defined and is viewable from the road. At certain times of the year the trails may be muddy, so please come prepared with the right footwear. Follow the trail through the thick forest until you start to see a clearing. Walk down to the cliffs and look over the water. San Juan Island is just right across the way. Be extremely careful when walking along the ledges, at any time some of the dirt on the bank could break off. If you walk south along the banks, look out to sea and you will see 4 big, Island sized, bare rocks. They are no more then 200 feet away from you. If you look closely you can see the sea lions and seals bathing in the sun.

If you go back where you first arrived off the trail entering Shark Reef, you can find many small trails down to the medium sized beaches and rocks laying areas. Many people go on the rocks for reading, relaxing, or anything else that suits your needs. Some people even codfish off these rocks. You also want to be careful going down to the beach and rock areas from the steep banks. Any wrong move and disaster awaits.

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