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First of all, if you're driving, you'll have to put down your cell phone, because you're going to need both hands. Use one for steering and the other for waving. Yes, you heard it correctly, waving is what you will be doing. It all started long ago when few people lived on the island and mostly everyone knew each other on the island, and so when they drove past one another, they would simply wave a hand or just throw a few fingers up above the steering wheel to greet them as they pass.

Now it is still turned over to this day and it doesn't matter if you live on the island or not, when someone drives by you, just give them an easy wave, as they will back to you. After you arrive off the Ferry onto the landing dock, just up the hill you'll be tempted with the decision of two beautiful campgrounds: Spencer's Spit on the left and Odlin Park on the right. Both have their own unique spectators. To learn more about these areas visit our Camping section.

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