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Well rounded hay piles that dot the pastures in the setting sun are a peaceful a sight to see. Sheep abound on this island, you may also pass fields full of cows and horses. Pay your respects to the pioneers of Lopez at the cemetery next to the church. The timing of your trip will determine what rhododendrons are in bloom.
As you go along Lopez one thing you will see on the roadways more than any other island is bicyclists. Lopez is well known for the flatness of it which brings in more bikers than any other island. With the many bicycle shops on Lopez, and the some of the most beautiful areas available, Lopez is indeed the best island for bicycling.
Before you leave, a must visit is no other than Agate Beach. Located at the very southern part of the island, Agate Beach has it's own mystique, which always brings it huge waves, and an amazing view into the open sea. The thing that makes it unique from any other beach on Lopez, is the sound of the tumbling pebbles upon each crashing wave, creating a very relaxing melody.
Agate Beach is mostly full of small rocks, but if you come on a very low tide, the sandy banks will arise out of the water. Agate Beach was donated to the public from Seth Richey in 1948. On your way back to the Ferry Landing, also stop by Spencer Spit, with a name like that how can you not pass it up in curiosity.

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